Wolffish of alaska

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Wolffish of alaska

Vicki Veritas vickiveritas Jason Iannone genericwhiteboy Grab yourself a worm and tie it to a line. Toss it out into the river, and you just might be shocked at what you reel in.

If you find a cartoonishly gargantuan mutant fish like the following ones, you might be too scared to even think about eating it. The enormous ray Remember petting cute sting rays at the aquarium?

Imagine what would happen if that fish got its way into the same sewer that turned the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into, well, them, only with a dash of the Psychomagnotheric goo from Ghostbusters 2. This mutant skate freshwater rays with dorsal fins might not "feed on bad vibes," but she's been feeding on its prey off the coast of Scotland for an estimated years.

Maybe that's why she looks like she's smiling. Fisherman Andrew Logan reeled in all pounds of her, using an entire dogfish for bait.

Similar skatemonsters have been caught off the coast of Britain —like the pounder one caught by Daniel Bennet that took two hours to reel in.

The gigantic wolffish This terrifying beast is called a wolffish, despite it resembling neither a wolf nor a fish.

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When this hulk nearly twice the size of the average wolffish was captured, people were quick to assume it was the oceanic byproduct of nuclear radiation from the disaster at Fukushima.

But experts who study nuclear effects on wildlife mostly agree this beast is likely not mutated by radiation, because generally nuclear mutations stunt growth cells and cause major shrinkage.

As you can plainly see, this wolffish is quite large in size. So yep, this beast was probably just born that way, no nuclear byproducts necessary.

It got that big from nature, which is infinitely more terrifying. That means there might be more out there.

Wolffish of alaska

Catfish-zilla Getty Images Of all the fish in all the freshwater lakes, this giant catfish could probably fit most of them inside its enormous body. And we're not talking the type that Nev and Max reel in on MTV that are manipulating dozens of vulnerable victims on the internet.

This 9-foot-long Catzilla was captured off the coast of Thailand and weighed in at an astonishing pounds. That's heavier than your average motorcycle and most sumo wrestlers.

The fish as large as a grizzly bear is classified as the endangered Mekong giant catfish.

Wolffish of alaska

Despite its endangered status, anglers are allowed to harvest their eggs and return them to the water. This one, like most, did not survive the harvesting, so it was eaten.

Endangered or no, this giant fish could supply more than double the average American's annual meat consumption. That's a lot of fish sticks. The real-life Jurassic World sea monster The alligator gar is a lot like the giant vore shark from Jurassic Worldbut unlike whatever that thing was, the alligator gar is completely real.

Also, it's a fish—don't let it lie to you with that whole "alligator" malarkey.The Bering wolffish species has an inconsistent distribution.

It is found from the Northeastern Pacific Ocean from Hokkaido to the Sea of Okhotsk, to Alaska. Although insufficiently documented, it is also known to occur across the Northwestern Pacific, the Bering Sea and Arctic initiativeblog.com: Anarhichadidae. Red king crabs are omnivorous and will eat just about any dead or decaying organic matter (plant or animal) and a variety of invertebrates.

Like in all decapods, the red king crab’s shell really is a skeleton on the outside of its body.

The floats are either evenly spaced along the headrope, or placed closer together in the bunt, and spaced increasingly farther apart toward the ends of the seine. Bering Wolffish The Bering wolffish lives in the Bering and Chukchi Seas and the Northern Gulf of Alaska, including Prince William Sound.

They live in cold coastal waters in gravel or sandy bottom substrate and are usually not found deeper than meters. May 13,  · A: Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Find businesses around the world with MSC chain of custody certificates that can supply you with the certified sustainable seafood that you need.

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