Tiroler single malt

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Tiroler single malt

Vicky Wasik] A few decades ago, when single malts were few and serious whisky nerds were even fewer, it used to be so simple: You could waltz into a liquor store, scan the small selection of bottles in the Scotch section, pick the fanciest-looking one you could afford, and be done with your holiday booze shopping.

Today, however, it can seem like you need a PhD in Scottish terroir and distilling techniques to be able to pick out the right whiskies for the right people.

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Well, you read this gift guide, for starters. These eight selections are, of course, just the tip of the whisky iceberg.

Hopefully this list will pique your interest enough to put a little ice in your rocks glass and encourage you to dive in deeper. Auchentoshan hails from the Scottish Lowlands, a region known for its soft, gentle whiskies.

Claus Josef Riedel his superb glass making and the Riedel family history.

In this case, the extra distillation smooths out Tiroler single malt of the rough edges, without sacrificing a lot of flavor.

Bright orange and lemon also pop up, along with just a hint of coconut. The finish is short and sweet, with cloves and cinnamon up front and more citrus as a supporting player. Inhowever, the brand had its coming-out party with this stand-alone bottling, and it was well worth the wait.

Craigellachie pronounced "cra-GELL-ah-kee" is one of the only distilleries that cook, or malt, their barley over an oil-fueled fire, rather than peat- or gas-fueled fire or steam.

The oil imparts a funky, slightly sulfuric flavor to the whisky, which may sound weird, but it tastes delicious. The sweetness recedes on the finish as a woody dryness sweeps in, leaving just a bit of char on the tongue.

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Bruichladdich "Wee Laddie" Gift Pack "Brook Laddie," as the brand name is pronounced, is the most iconoclastic of the distilleries on Islay, the region of Scotland known for its peaty, smoky whiskies. But Bruichladdich also makes unpeated malts, like its Black Art whisky, whose origins are a complete mystery to everyone but the man who blended it.

Hell, the distillery even makes gin. So how do you decide which Laddie to get for your favorite single malt fan? Meanwhile, "The Islay Barley" uses barley actually grown on the island—something few other Islay distilleries can claim.

The barley really does give a sense of terroir, infusing the whisky with the salty brininess of the Islay coast beneath layers of, oddly enough, tropical fruits, like melon, pineapple, and grapefruit.

The warm, gentle finish practically calls out for another sip. Wafting in with the smoke are licorice, honey, red apple, and vanilla. Repeat sips will uncover a dry, peppery spice that registers at mid-palate and lends a nice kick to the finish.

Perfect for the budding whisky sophisticate The Macallan Edition No.

Tiroler single malt

Instead, give this new, limited-edition beauty a try. Dalgarno and the brothers each selected ex-sherry casks to finish the whisky based on their size, the type of sherry aged in the casks, and how many times each cask had been used. Each one imparted a different flavor to the final product.

Find The Macallan Edition No.Wish: Tiroler Berg Gin from Austria Find this Pin and more on Gin | Ginebra | dzhin by Packaging Diva. Tiroler Berg Gin PD See more. Copenhagen Oak Gin is a unique type of barrel-aged gins.

Tiroler single malt

A tribute to the Master Distiller's love for both single malt whisky and gin. Copenhagen Distillery Gins are crafted to have a subtle mystery to them. Der Single Malt Spirit wurde in Zusammenarbeit mit Whisky & Genuss Dresden entwickelt.

Brauerei Baumgartner Tiroler Bier. × 0 votes 2 whiskies Austria Franz Kostenzer. × 0 votes 15 whiskies Austria Nestville Distillery.

× 0 votes. A couple years ago, American single malt whiskey had its Bottle Shock moment. Just like the California wines that beat the French in a blind taste test back in , an American single malt.

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