The theme of racism

Racism in Literature The following entry discusses the topic of racism in twentieth century literature. The subject of racism has been a lively topic for critical debate since approximately the s, with scholars examining the treatment of various kinds of discrimination based on race, religion, or gender in literary works—both past and present—as well as in the attitudes of the writers themselves. In some cases racism is a prominent, or even the chief theme, while in other works critics have revealed racist attitudes that serve as underlying assumptions, but may not be immediately evident to the reader.

The theme of racism

Great Valley High School. The author Fannie Flagg portrays this theme in a few different ways. Jasper has a much lighter skin tone than that of Artis. This seemingly minor difference leads them down completely separate paths in life.

The lives of Artis and Jasper are greatly affected by their skin tone. From the time the two boys are born, there is already tension between them. They are first described in this way: Artis, on the other hand, is compared to coal, which is something that is dirty and found in dark dreary places.

The theme of racism

These comparisons are almost symbolic of their lives. Jasper makes a good living working on a high-end train. He lives a very respectable life.

The theme of racism

Artis is poor and spends his life living in destitute cities. He also constantly chases women around. The way they end up in these situations is directly affected by their skin colors.

Early in their lives, the affect of their skin colors is apparent. He and his brother Artis moved to Birmingham when they were young. They are both brothers raised by the same parents. The only way they are different is their skin color.

Jasper has lighter skin color, and he is able to hold a steady job and become president of his union. Artis has darker skin color, and he ends up in jail and wandering the streets. Racism is the only thing that could separate the two brothers and lead them to completely different lives.

When Artis is in Chicago, he realizes how bad his situation is. He missed Birmingham and he wanted to go back He knows he can never fit in with the racist society living there. The only place he can live without those pressures is in desolate shagtowns. A dark African American is often prejudged and has a harder time in life.

The dogcatchers claim that Artis pulled a knife on them, and Artis ends up spending six months in prison. This is just one instance that shows how his skin color is detrimental to his being, while Jaspers light tone allows him to marry a wealthy respected woman, hold a good job, and live amongst white people.

Racism is abundant in the book, and this one piece portrays that problem well. Their skin color directly represents the kind of life they will live.Racism 1: Cassie and her brothers are terrified to learn that anyone could treat black people the way the Berrys were treated. The idea that someone could want to hurt someone so badly just because of their skin color is very frightening to them.


T.J., however, treats the event as simply an. The Theme of Racism The novel, "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee is a childish view of life in the Deep South of America in the s. The gullible but humorous story is . Racism 1: One of the first major allusions to any sort of racism appears with the character of George Murchison.

Prior to his entrance, the play simply discusses a poor family. However, when the wealthy Negro enters the picture, the Younger family sees the differences in race and group him with.

Books shelved as theme-racism: A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Amateur City by Katherine V.

Forrest, blac. Racism. Obviously, racism is a major theme of the novel. During the Depression era, blacks were still highly subjugated members of society. Blacks were not permitted to commingle with whites in public settings, as exemplified in the courthouse physical separation of races and in the clearly distinct black and white areas of town.

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