The long route of womens struggle for equal rights throughout the american history

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The long route of womens struggle for equal rights throughout the american history

The issue of the vote resurfaced during Reconstruction. The Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution proposed granting the right to vote to African American males. Many female suffragists at the time were outraged. They simply could not believe that those who suffered years of bondage would be enfranchised before America's women.

Linking black suffrage with female suffrage would surely accomplish neither. They would accept nothing less than immediate federal action supporting the vote for women. Voting rights were guaranteed for women in the U. But women's suffrage campaigns have been fought around the world.

What nations were ahead of the U. Stone and Blackwell formed the American Woman Suffrage Association and believed that pressuring state governments was the most effective route.

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Anthony and Stanton formed the National Woman Suffrage Association and pressed for a constitutional amendment. This split occurred in and weakened the suffrage movement for the next two decades.

Anthony and Stanton engaged in high-profile, headline-grabbing tactics. The NWSA was known to show up to the polls on election day to force officials to turn them away. They set up mock ballot boxes near the election sites so women could "vote" in protest.

They continued to accept no compromise on a national amendment eliminating the gender requirement. The AWSA chose a much more understated path. Stone and Blackwell actively lobbied state governments.

Wyoming became the first state to grant full women's suffrage inand Utah followed suit the following year. But then it stopped.

No other states granted full suffrage until the s. That man over there says that women need to be helped into carriages, and lifted over ditches, and to have the best place everywhere. Nobody ever helps me into carriages, or over mud-puddles, or gives me any best place! And ain't I a woman?

Look at my arm! I have ploughed and planted, and gathered into barns, and no man could head me! I could work as much and eat as much as a man — when I could get it — and bear the lash as well! I have borne thirteen children, and seen most all sold off to slavery, and when I cried out with my mother's grief, none but Jesus heard me!

Anthony taking turns at the presidency. Although the movement still had internal divisions, the mood of progressive reform breathed new life into its rank and file.

Although Stanton and Anthony died before ever having accomplished their goal, the stage was set for a new generation to carry the torch. The fight to victory was conducted by Carrie Chapman Catt.

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Bymost states west of Mississippi had granted full suffrage rights to women. States of the Midwest at least permitted women to vote in Presidential elections. But the Northeast and the South were steadfast in opposition.

The long route of womens struggle for equal rights throughout the american history

Catt knew that to ratify a national amendment, NAWSA would have to win a state in each of these key regions. Once cracks were made, the dam would surely burst. InNew York and Arkansas permitted women to vote, and momentum shifted toward suffrage.

NAWSA supported the war effort throughout the ratification process, and the prominent positions women held no doubt resulted in increased support. On August 26,the Nineteenth Amendment became the supreme law of the land, and the long struggle for voting rights was over.That plot’s pretty workable, but Jamal feels like a chosen one.

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Find out about our local history to The Cairo Review of Global Affairs is the quarterly journal of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) at American University in Cairo. The Long Struggle for Women’s Rights – The Cairo Review of Global Affairs.

Oct 29,  · The women’s suffrage movement was a decades-long fight to win the right to vote for women in the United States. American women’s history has been full of pioneers: Women who fought for.

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