The idea of monotheism in confessions by saint augustine and why jesus makes me nervous by joy jorda

Thomas Aquinas has to say about ghosts.

However, it is estimated that he was born in He became acquainted with the presbyter Dorotheus in Antioch and probably received exegetical instruction from him. In he was in Palestine and saw Constantine who visited the country with Diocletian.

He was in Caesarea when Agapius was bishop and became friendly with Pamphilus of Caesareawith whom he seems to have studied the text of the Biblewith the aid of Origen 's Hexapla and commentaries collected by Pamphilus, in an attempt to prepare a correct version.

InPamphilus was imprisoned, but Eusebius continued their project. The resulting defence of Origen, in which they had collaborated, was finished by Eusebius after the death of Pamphilus and sent to the martyrs in the mines of Phaeno located in modern Jordan.

Eusebius then seems to have gone to Tyre and later to Egypt, where he first suffered persecution. Eusebius is next heard of as bishop of Caesarea Maritima.

He succeeded Agapiuswhose time of office is not known, but Eusebius must have become bishop soon after Nothing is known about the early years of his tenure.

When the Council of Nicaea met inEusebius was prominent in its transactions. He was not naturally a spiritual leader or theologian, but as a very learned man and a famous author who enjoyed the special favour of the emperor, he came to the fore among the members of the council traditionally given as attendees.

The confession which he proposed became the basis of the Nicene Creed. Eusebius was involved in the further development of the Arian controversies. For instance he was involved in the dispute with Eustathius of Antioch who opposed the growing influence of Origen, including his practice of an allegorical exegesis of scripture.

Eustathius perceived in Origen's theology the roots of Arianism. Eusebius was an admirer of Origen and was reproached by Eustathius for deviating from the Nicene faith - he was even alleged to hold to Sabellianism.

Eustathius was accused, condemned and deposed at a synod in Antioch. Part of the population of Antioch rebelled against this action and the anti-Eustathians proposed Eusebius as its new bishop - he declined.

After Eustathius had been removed, the Eusebians proceeded against Athanasius of Alexandriaa more powerful opponent.

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InAthanasius was summoned before a synod in Caesarea; he did not attend. In the following year, he was again summoned before a synod in Tyre at which Eusebius presided. Athanasius, foreseeing the result, went to Constantinople to bring his cause before the emperor. Constantine called the bishops to his court, among them Eusebius.

The idea of monotheism in confessions by saint augustine and why jesus makes me nervous by joy jorda

Athanasius was condemned and exiled at the end of At the same synod, another opponent was successfully attacked: Marcellus of Ancyra had long opposed the Eusebians and had protested against the reinstitution of Arius. He was accused of Sabellianism and deposed in Constantine died the next year, and Eusebius did not long survive him.

Eusebius date of death is unknown. It is estimated that he died between and after the death of Constantine. Although posterity suspected him of ArianismEusebius had made himself indispensable by his method of authorship; his comprehensive and careful excerpts from original sources saved his successors the painstaking labor of original research.

Hence, much has been preserved, quoted by Eusebius, which otherwise would have been destroyed. The literary productions of Eusebius reflect on the whole the course of his life. At first, he occupied himself with works on Biblical criticism under the influence of Pamphilus and probably of Dorotheus of Tyre of the School of Antioch.

Afterward, the persecutions under Diocletian and Galerius directed his attention to the martyrs of his own time and the past, and this led him to the history of the whole Church and finally to the history of the world, which, to him, was only a preparation for ecclesiastical history.

Then followed the time of the Arian controversies, and dogmatic questions came into the foreground. Christianity at last found recognition by the State; and this brought new problems—apologies of a different sort had to be prepared.

Lastly, Eusebius, the court theologian, wrote eulogies in praise of Constantine.Jesus does affirm monotheism by declaring the Shema in Mark However, the baptism of Jesus displays the Trinity. We have the Father declaring a blessing over the .

Of course some Lives throw much more light upon our daily course than others, such as the Life of Saint Theresa, which is most admirable, the first Jesuits, Saint Charles Borromeo, Archbishop of Milan, Saint Louis, Saint Bernard, Saint Francis, and such like.

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The idea of monotheism in confessions by saint augustine and why jesus makes me nervous by joy jorda

A Superb Leader in the Personality of Moses. 1, words. The Idea of Monotheism in Confessions by Saint Augustine and Why Jesus Makes Me Nervous by Joy-Jordan Lake.

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