The frog and man

Ranidae A cladogram showing the relationships of the different families of frogs in the clade Anura can be seen in the table above. This diagram, in the form of a treeshows how each frog family is related to other families, with each node representing a point of common ancestry. It is based on Frost et al.

The frog and man

LeBlanc, a man with Olympic-level leaping skills, is among those recruited by the Organizer, secretly a candidate for the New York mayorship, to form the Ani-Men. The team goes on missions to undermine the current administration.

Daredevil defeats them and they all go to prison. LeBlanc gains superhuman strength and stamina, along with frog-like legs.

They invade the Cheyenne Mountain missile base and fight the X-Men. However, they are killed by a bomb that Spymaster had planted, also to kill Stark. He was created by J. DeMatteiswho later described him as one of his "all-time favorite" characters.

After several defeats by DaredevilIron Manand Spider-Manwhich eventually landed him in jail, Vincent eventually decided to retire and go straight.


Eugene dons his father's costume as the Fabulous Frog-Man in an attempt to be a crime-fighter. Eugene's inability to fully pilot his automated Frog-Man costume causes him to wildly bounce around, defeating villains by crashing into them.

Once again, however, they are defeated by Eugene crashing into them. MarvelHawkeyeand Jessica Jones against a spider-empowered Flag-Smashergaining the three heroes' grudging respect. It is internally padded, enabling him to bounce off objects with little danger.

World's Greatest Heroes episode "The Cure". He is rejected after accidentally bashing his own head on the ceiling during his audition.Show Frog $ 1, Rare Pieces Available Click on an image to see pricing, size and description of art.

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$ 1, Bluebird by Frogman Tim Cotterill Limited Availability $ Euro Hopscotch by Frogman Tim Cotterill Only 1 Available! $ Face Plant by Frogman. This article should not be confused with Leap-Frog.

Frog-Man was one of the first Ani-Men, hand picked by the Organizer. The Ani-Men were soon sent against Daredevil by the Organizer, after he had crossed the Organizer's plans on several occasions. After implicating Daredevil in a bank robbery. A drunken man mistook the new Leap Frog for Kermit the Frog.

[1] A police officer nicknamed the new Leap Frog Hoppity Hooper, after the cartoon character of that initiativeblog.comt Alias: Frog-Man.

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Frog-Man briefly appears in the Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes episode "The Cure". After the Thing is "cured" of his condition, he is a potential recruit to the team, alongside Captain Ultra, Flatman, She-Hulk, Squirrel Girl, and the Texas Twister.

The frog and man

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