Strategic audit and analysis of nestle

This company has developed its business in almost all big and small countries of the world. This food company is based in Switzerland and it has started its business in Pakistan in The food company has given special emphasis to its clients and it has built relationships with them.

Strategic audit and analysis of nestle

This evaluates the external and internal environment affecting the company. The internal components of the company are explored through the Strength and Weakness aspect, while the external components are summarized through the Opportunities and Threats aspect.

They gained this advantage through decentralization, as every branch in their respective countries are responsible in running the business efficiently.

Strategic audit and analysis of nestle

The extent of their decentralization includes autonomy in the hiring of staff and varied product ranges to suit different cultural tastes.

Additionally, they also have a medium-length supply chain, with intermediaries to ensure that their products cover different regions efficiently.

The company has repeatedly been at human rights risk in the areas of labour practices Rossman,food safety and the environment Eccleston, Some examples of these issues include mass firing of union workers, presence of child labour in the Ivory Coast and for involvement in the Palm Oil industry which has caused the deforestation of Borneo CSR News, In facing most of these CSR issues Nestle usually responds by feedback control, where the issues are handled when it is too late.

Thus their CSR issues has been made known to the public, which leads to conflict with external stakeholders such as pressure groups and customers who lose faith in the brand or boycott Nestle products.

One significant focus point they can focus on is expanding their product portfolio, which still lacks significant health based products. By acquiring new startups that creates products for well-being, they are able to accomplish this easily and with minimal monetary cost.

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Additionally, they can be involved in partnerships with other multinationals such as the Coca Cola Company to create new products as well. This will be a problem that Nestle has to consider in the long-term as their cost of production will increase.

Nestle will be forced to consider either increasing the prices of their products as well, or keeping them the same. Increasing their prices may lead to a lower demand while maintaining it will reduce their profit margins.

Retrieved August 30,from http: Need for cheap palm oil drives deforestation.

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Retrieved August 29,from http: Patrick Johannes Kaihatu Advertisements.A Strategic Audit Analysis Business Harley-Davidson,Inc., known for its famous bar and shield trademark, is based out ofMilwaukee, Wisconsin.

It is currently a public company with over years of experienceproducing motorcycles. Harley consists oftwo segments: the Motorcycles &. Frozen Food Market Overview: Global frozen food market is expected to garner $ billion by , registering a CAGR of % during the forecast period - The deep frozen food products that can be stored and used over a long period are referred to as frozen foods.

Nestle Strategic Analysis. Nestle International Business Strategy. Strategic Management Assignment. Management Practices at Understanding the Supply Chain (Exam) Introduction: Nestlé Was Founded in by Henri Nestlé And.

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Documents Similar To Strategy Analysis of Nestle. The mechanism is a formal strategic-review process—a strategic audit—which imposes its own discipline on both the board and management, much as the financial audit process does.

STRATEGIC ISSUE QUESTIONS: Nestle. I need a little help putting some answers Nestle is one of the world's largest global food companies. 3. Audit of Financial Resource.

Financial resource audit includes analysis and listing out sources and uses of financial resources, capital structure, working capital, accounts receivables, control of debtors and creditors, relationship among shareholders, bankers, debenture holders etc.

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