Sisters addorable dog chili descriptive

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Sisters addorable dog chili descriptive

Solutions for Challenging Dog Behavior is now available as an online, on-demand course This article is a summary of the concepts and exercises presented in the S. Dealing with fearful, reactive, or aggressive dog behavior is certainly challenging and often a topic of heated debate. A snarling, lunging dog at the end of a leash can be intimidating and downright dangerous.

Unfortunately, human reactions often worsen the problem, as do training and handling techniques that only serve to intensify the dog's fear and anxiety.

With the increase in "dangerous dog laws" and the number of dogs labeled as "aggressive" surrendered to shelters, effective and respectful solutions to this problem are essential. For the most part, I believe these reactive behaviors are based in fear and develop as a coping mechanism to stressful environmental triggers.

I prefer to use the term "reactivity" as it is actually more descriptive of a specific reaction, i. Labeling a dog "aggressive" is often loaded with judgment and may not be an accurate description of the dog's behavior the majority of time. The first priority of any animal or person for that matter is to feel safe.

We are all aware of the instinctual "fight or flight" response to feeling threatened, but what happens when we take away the option to escape from the scary thing? Everything changes when a dog is held on a tight leash or cornered in a small, contained space. Nothing increases anxiety more than being "trapped" when feeling nervous or scared.

Sisters addorable dog chili descriptive

Imagine how you would feel at your next dentist or doctor appointment if the technician strapped you to the chair for Sisters addorable dog chili descriptive procedure! Dogs use a different language to tell us when they are feeling worried or nervous, so we must learn to observe their specific body language and more subtle communication signals.

Turid Rugass has eloquently described what she refers to as "calming signals" that dogs use to communicate non-threatening intent to one another and to humans. From a TTouch perspective, we also know that posture and balance reflect emotional states.

Recognizing these visual cues and responding to the dog's need to feel safe is the first step in a process I call "building trust one experience at a time. The goal is to give the dog a new experience of feeling safe, relaxed, and in control while in a challenging environment or in the presence of other dogs or people, which previously would have elicited a fearful response.

Tellington TTouch is one of the key components of this approach. We know that states of fear, anxiety, and arousal are associated with dramatic physiological changes in the body through the release of powerful hormones and neurochemicals. One of the most basic reactions is an increase in muscle tension throughout the body, which affects posture and movement.

We can use TTouch bodywork to help reduce this physiological arousal and muscle tension, which underlies much reactive behavior. Communicating in a non-threatening and effective manner is also critical to reducing dog reactivity and we need effective tools to help the dog learn new responses.

In order to give the dog an opportunity to feel safe while learning more appropriate responses to other dogs or peoplewe need to engage the dog in a purposeful movement activity.

Movement removes the feeling of being trapped, and with frequent pauses to experience a state of physical balance, we also influence emotional and mental balance.

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Keys to Success Remove pressure from the neck. One of the first and most important things we can easily do to help a dog feel more secure is to remove pressure from the dog's neck.

Even the slightest pressure on the neck restricts the breath. In the moment of a fearful or anxious encounter and this can include just looking at another dog or persona sensation of choking or not being able to breathe only heightens the concern. In addition, one leash contact to a collar on the neck is not the most effective way to rebalance a dog that is pulling, straining, or leaning forward.

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The use of a head collar with a second point of contact on a harness or flat collar removes the possibility of constant tension on the neck and helps us to bring the dog back into a position of balance on all four feet.

The head collar also allows us to encourage the dog to avert his eyes or slightly turn his head away from another dog which is a calming signal to the other dog with a very small signal. Allow the dog to have enough space.

Space is the single most important factor to averting any reactive behavior and helping a dog feel safe! By paying very close attention to the dog's signals, we can quickly figure out where the spatial zone of comfort is for any particular dog.

Sisters addorable dog chili descriptive

This allows us to start the process of slowly introducing another dog in the safe, systematic process described below. Often this is easier to accomplish in an outdoor setting, which allows for greater distance between dogs if needed. Start with a neutral dog. A neutral dog is one who is confident, uses appropriate calming signals, and most importantly, will not react to another dog "yelling" at him!

Often a good neutral dog can illicit a calm response from another nervous or fearful dog without the handler having to do anything. Sometimes we even start with a stuffed dog to assess the level of arousal and allow the reactive dog an opportunity to approach.

Check your own emotions. It is important that the handler not react to the dog's reactions.Get the most up-to-date local Syracuse news, weather, sports and community Information from the WSYR NewsChannel9 News Team.

Stay informed, safe, entertained and . Shea Ernshaw is the author of The Wicked Deep and Winterwood. She works as a producer for a film production company and shares a home with her husband, a dog named Diesel, and two cats.

She works as a producer for a film production company and shares a home with her husband, a dog /5(20). Little is known about these dogs, or the dogs in developed countries that are feral, stray or are in shelters, because the great majority of modern research on dog cognition has focused on pet dogs living in human homes.

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