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It occurred to me that sharing this ritual is a must. This night time ritual involves a detox salt bath which is a must in spring for those of us who work in the yard. Not only does it ease muscle aches, it helps detox the body from what could be picked up by digging in the dirt hello, mold! I also double up on masking.

Psz utm thesis

Seems to me like there are some things you should absolutely do yourself and there are others you should leave to the experts. I know I confuse a lot of you because I am known for skin care diys. That being said, over the last couple years of making and using my recipes, I have chosen 7 products that I will never buy again.

These are products that I believe are just as good as the store bought and in some cases better then store bought! Deodorant- This might be a shocker to some of you. I went cold turkey with my Dove-baby powdered scented deodorant. They would work for a few days but then I would start to react to them and instead of my regular b.

Wearing nothing was better then that. So, I wore nothing for a long time. I have read that your pits go through a detox period after using store bought deodorant.

Regular deodorants clog your pores in your pits in order to keep you from sweating and stinking.

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Basically, nothing gets out of those pores. It can take weeks-months to de-clog those babies! Well, months and months passed and nothing changed.

Psz utm thesis

I felt bad for that pour soul next to me at the gym! Anyway, I finally made a batch of my own deodorant by pulling from several different blogs.

I have been so happy with my homemade deodorant. My deodorant took care of the smell immediately and there was no reaction to it resulting in that weird smell. I take days off because baking soda is a big ingredient and it can cause irritation. Give this DIY a go and expect some transition and possibly carry baby wipes to remove any stink and re-apply.

I love making balms because they are so easy and you can get creative with your ingredients not to mention they serve the lips so well. I must say, I did buy a few lip balms a few months ago. I thought I would see what all the buzz was about with EOS.

My lips love it!

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This also includes homemade vaseline. A lot of times the lashes and brows need some detox and nourishment and once they get both, they start growing thicker and longer! These 2 simple serums could not be easier to make and when used daily can make a huge difference!

They are usually witch hazel based. Witch hazel comes in many different varieties- roselavendercucumberlemon etc.

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Whether you make it in liquid or solid form, it is a great way to nourish, protect and strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes. This is a simple DIY and works great for short hair-I especially like the idea of using it on baby boys-putting the chemical laden hair pomade right over that soft spot is not a good idea!

I must say, I have recently gotten a comment from someone who really experience some discomfort with this recipe. As always, do a test patch when applying straight essential oils.

If stinging occurs add a bit of a carrier oil like almond or fractionated coconut oil. What I love about this little roll on is that once a blemish pops that bacteria can easily be spread to other pores.

By applying the roll on at this point, you are reducing inflammation and killing the bacteria that could spread. With the added carrot seed oil, you are also helping regenerate new skin.PSZ (Pind.

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