Ocr level 3 cambridge tech unit

Here is a break down for each of the AOs: Create a table comparing the skills and experience required for each one and write a paragraph to explain why the skills and experiences differ.

Ocr level 3 cambridge tech unit

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The learner will develop a clear understanding of how the IT support role sits within the organisation and the impact of organisational polices on IT support.

It will also provide learners with the ability to analyse requests for support, in order to ascertain the approach that needs to be taken to support the end user. The learner will also recognise the importance of being able to source technical information to aid the provision of a satisfactory solution to the problem.

The learner will develop a detailed understanding of the tools and techniques that are available to people working in an IT support role. Learners will develop the knowledge and skills which will enable them to analyse faults by considering all the factors that may be contributing to the fault.

To achieve this, consideration will be given to the importance and methods of logging of problems and the documentation that is necessary to perform an audit trail of any particular problems. Learners will become familiar with such logging systems whether paper-based or electronic.

It will enable the learner to understand the importance of operational procedures and service level agreements, for example, to consider the response times to dealing with problems. Learners will also understand the importance of feedback to the user in a variety of format appropriate to the feedback.

Anything which follows an i. Anything which follows an e. LO1 Understand the tools and techniques used for technical support IT support scenarios previous trends e.

OCR Level 3 Cambridge Tech Unit 17 - D1 | Essay Example

LO2 Understand how organisational policies and procedures influence technical support standard operational procedures e. SOPs service level agreements e. SLAs helpdesk activities e.

LO4 Be able to communicate advice and guidance methods of communication e. LO3 Be able to gather information to provide advice and guidance Sources users e.

OCR Level 3 Cambridge Tech Unit 17 – D1 Essay Sample

It is necessary for the learner to experience and deal with common issues and those less straightforward that IT users may experience. They should be able to provide support to colleagues as well as contribute to the monitoring and management of the delivery of good support. Learners need to understand that IT support will be provided to people with a wide range of experience in the use of IT systems, and the approaches to support users will vary depending on the knowledge of those users.

Role play, work place experience or taking on IT Support Activity in workshops and practice network areas could be considered to experience requests for support. If at all possible, learners could shadow a technician or use work experience to understand the range of issues that may arise and the approaches that could be taken to dealing with such issues.

Understand the tools and techniques used for technical support The learner needs to have a detailed knowledge of the tools and techniques that should be at their disposal when responding to support requests. This should be tutor led followed by group working to increase understanding and awareness.

Learners should work as a group to research a variety of software tools available to support staff. These may be part of the operating systems, freeware packages or software that must be purchased. Software could include packages such as Kaseya or Track-It!

Research and presentation of comparisons of different tools could be used to support this learning. Learners with experience of this role in the work place should be encouraged to share their experiences with other learners.

Ocr level 3 cambridge tech unit

Appropriate methods for research may include: Case histories for a range of IT support scenarios, Learner research in to previous trends, types of fault reports, essential content of support request documentation, Learner research in to software tools available, functions of diagnostic software, sources of diagnostic software.

Understand how organisational policies and procedures influence technical support Some problems encountered in IT support occur on a more regular basis than other problems.

Learners need to consider the significance of such occurrences. Learners need to appreciate that a support request may in fact be a number of requests or a request that needs to be broken down into several tasks.

Ocr level 3 cambridge tech unit

They should be given examples which they initially review as part of a larger group and then perhaps as smaller groups.Resources to support the Cambridge Technicals Level 3 IT course.

The two compulsory units for the course are Unit 01 - Communication and employability skills for IT and Unit 02 - Information systems. Resources are also provided for .

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CAMBRIDGE TECHNICALS IN IT LEVEL 3 UNIT 18 3 INTRODUCTION This Delivery Guide has been developed to provide practitioners with a variety of creative .

OCR Level 3 Cambridge Tech Unit 17 – D1 Essay Sample. In this report I will evaluate the different formats by giving the benefits and limitations of using the Web, Multimedia (CD’s, DVD’s and so on.), Interactive T.V and Mobile Devices as formats for interactive media products.

Cambridge Technicals are vocational qualifications at Level 2 and Level 3 for students aged 16+. They’re designed with the workplace in mind and provide a high-quality alternative to A Levels, with a great range of subjects to choose from. Level 3 OCR Cambridge Technical in Media In the previous Unit where I was able to film a short piece of a dance film helped me to build on my photography skills which will also be able to help me with my production role in Unit This is due to the feedback that I was given based on the film and the ways that I will be able to improve it.

Essay on OCR Level 3 Cambridge Tech Unit 17 - D1 Words | 15 Pages. D1 – Explain the benefits and drawbacks of the different formats that can be used to deliver interactive media authored products.

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