Media reports on corruption

Posted on February 3, by sundance We shared a discussion thread a few weeks ago about how the media are enmeshed within the entire story of the DOJ and FBI corruption. The media engagements with the parties swirling around the Clinton-Steele Dossier and DOJ corruption are so pervasive they cannot currently report on the story without exposing their own duplicity. Michael Isikoff found that reality yesterday when he discovered his reporting was being used by the FBI.

Media reports on corruption

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Submit News is news, no matter what. When looking towards the direction of the American news outlet, one may wonder why there seems to be an overabundance of negative articles.

More so indeed than positive. Many of course, take this to see that the media is obviously sensationalized, that they want to grab attention through shock and interest in whatever scandal is happening.

They would in fact, be correct.

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The news after all is a business. Such as the bombing of the Daesh or when Erdogan begins to start oppressing his own opponents media outlets.

Because this is what ultimately catches attention. Com, Rogers quotes the author of "A History of News", by the historian Professor Mitchell Stephens, on sensationalism and how "we humans are wired, probably for reasons of natural selection, to be alert to sensations, particularly those involving sex and violence.

In fact, the audience is not being corrupted, it is instead just a case of confirmation bias. A conservative is not going watch a liberal news outlet now are they?

Media reports on corruption

But I would like to remind everyone that today is a golden age of information. While an article on drone strikes may appear on the top of your facebook feed, it is just as easy for you to type in, "Moderate News Sources" and dig through a couple of websites that offer such a thing.

So the problem is not so much of corruption, but of sensationalism and confirmation bias. Ignorance would also be a key factor here as well, but once again, we live in an information era, not one of scarcity, where "critics of sensationalism have always claimed that when there is a finite amount of space available for news, the substantive stuff invariably gets shoved aside when more lurid fare comes along" can go and instead, find more moderate news rather than sensationalized ones.The North Eurasia Climate Centre (NEACC) held the 15th Climate Forum on the seasonal forecasts of the CIS countries - Roshydromet.

Media reports on corruption

Data and research on bribery and corruption including tax crime, bribery in international business, money laundering and public sector corruption.

The Global Corruption Barometer is the biggest ever survey tracking world-wide public opinion on corruption. We asked over , people in countries for their views on corruption. Find out what they said in our Global Corruption Barometer Decline. Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index ranks the country th place out of countries..

This is better than the Philippines' th out of ,ranking in with a CPI, in Transparency International's list. Transparency International is the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption.

Three ways to fight corruption in the media When consuming news media: buyers beware. Although a free and independent media is a key ingredient of democracy, this has never meant the media is unbiased.

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