How to write a legal opinion nz herald

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How to write a legal opinion nz herald

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Pixabay While the fight for the medical use of cannabis in South Africa continuesneighbours Zimbabwe has legalised the production thereof for medicinal or scientific purposes.

The news was reported by the state-owned paper The Herald. Those who wish to produce weed bust apply for a licence — which will be valid for five years and allow growers to possess, transport and sell fresh cannabis, cannabis oil, and dried product.

The country has been considering the legalisation for eight months. Zimbabwe is the second country in Africa to issue such licences, with Lesotho becoming the first to do so last year.

Here in South Africa, though, the fight for some leeway around the medical use of dagga remains contested. Last year, the Medical Innovation Bill was rejected by Parliament. However, the exact legislation in South Africa remains somewhat confusing. At the time of the rejection of the bill, IOL reported that it was turned down because Medicines and Related Substances Act already provides a legal framework for the use of cannabis for medicinal and research purposes.

According to that act, cannabis is listed as a Schedule 7 substance which makes possession of the plant illegal, but products imported and sold with claims relating to therapeutic effects are scheduled as Schedule 6 medicines.

how to write a legal opinion nz herald

Cannabis continues to gain ground as an acceptable medical treatment for a variety of conditions.Sunday Herald. SH Top Stories; puts India at rank 81 out of countries. The top 10 countries on the index are: New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden, Canada.

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The Blog Herald. Read the NZ Herald article / Read the article 2 December My comments and legal opinion in regards to TV3 journalist Heather du Plessis-Allan's mail order firearm purchase. In contrast, while the Harper government blocks charities from using tax credits to influence public opinion, it allows corporations to write off as a business expense per cent of the money.

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