Hate crime analysis essay

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Hate crime analysis essay

Criminology When thinking about hate crime the first thing that would come to mind is crimes against an individual based on the color of their skin.

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Most often this will be between Blacks and Whites. However there are many other factors that can subject to being a victim of hate crime.

This essay will aim to highlight some of these for Hate crime analysis essay specific group citing specific examples of a hate crime, restorative justice models that can be applied to the group. We will write a custom essay sample on Hate Crime Analysis or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER It will also further go on to explain the benefits and challenges with the use of that particular restorative model, along with a contemporary research method that could be used to measure the victimization of this particular group.

Hate crime analysis essay

Finally an attempt will be made to link the victimization of this group with the criminological theories currently being studied.

A group of people who often face hate crimes are Muslims. Although not as popular as some other forms of hate crime that frequent newspapers or news stations. It is also one that in some ways has become a taboo subject when it is brought up around some politicians, community leaders, and private citizens.

One of the main factors that have put the Muslim community in the firing line for hate crime is the events of September 11 The leaders and perpetrators behind the attacks were Muslims and as such the religion has taken a brunt of the fallout for the attacks.

Statistic by the FBI in shows that Department of Justice-Federal Bureau of Investigation, One example of such crime is that of Mark Stroman in Stroman on September 21st walks into a gas station and opened fire on individuals he believed were muslins and Arabs Somanader, Stroman killed two people and seriously injured another.

However, only two of Stromans victims were actually Muslims Somanader, Stroman, after admitting his crime has since been sentenced to death by a Texas court.

Another example of hate crimes against Muslims was the attack on Bashir Ahmad, who was the victim of a stabbing by an unknown assailant in November Bashir suffered multiple stab wounds in the attack as well as verbal abuse from the perpetrator Chinese, Both these offense are just a few of the hate crimes against Muslims that actually get reported.

There are many more examples such as these that go unreported and as such do not reflect in any statistics that exist on hate crimes against Muslims. One common thing between the two attacks is that both victims do not hold and sort of ill feeling towards their attackers.

They both accept that their religion has been placed in the firing line by the action of some of the more radical believers in the religion, which is not a true depiction or representation of what the religion is about.

And both have stayed steadfast and true to their religion despite the attacks. Thinking about restorative justice models that could be applied to this group one would have to lean towards education.

The aim of restorative justice is to give the victims a voice and hope to stop future acts from being committed.

To address the issue of hate crimes, the source of the problem must be identified. Some of the elements include the following: By educating specific individuals and populations that ere underserved to recognize and report hate crime.

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Using time series analysis, we show that Donald Trump’s election in November of was associated with a statistically significant surge in reported hate crimes across the United States, even when controlling for alternative explanations.

Cheap Custom Essay Writing Services Question description Hate Crime Case Analysis Research a case in your area that involved a hate crime investigated by law enforcement. Then, in a page Essay, address the following: Explain the case.

Hate crime analysis essay

Describe the outcome. Was the case solved? AN ESSAY ON CRIMES AND PUNISHMENTS. CHAPTER I. OF THE ORIGIN OF PUNISHMENTS. Laws are the conditions under which men, naturally independent, united themselves in society. Weary of living in a continual state of war, and of enjoying a liberty which became of little.

This essay will aim to highlight some of these for a specific group citing specific examples of a hate crime, restorative justice models that can be applied to the group. We will write a custom essay sample on. Situational crime prevention (SCP) seeks to reduce the number of crime events by focusing on limiting the opportunities for crime to occur.

The approach typically uses an action-research model and assumes that offenders make decisions that are broadly rational. It is generally designed so that.

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