Glengarry glen ross shelly levine

Characters[ edit ] Richard "Ricky" Roma:

Glengarry glen ross shelly levine

Many men define themselves by the work they do, the money they earn and the car they drive. I mean, who gives a fuck about friends and family or higher aspirations? Or even simple things like happiness? That shit is for dickless deadbeats.

The real meaning of life is a high wage and to vanquish your enemies. Everything else is a pointless waste of time. Yeah, is that going to pay for your nice suit or your expensive watch? This is pure Darwinism. Fuck or be fucked.

In this sort of environment personal lives are next to non-existent when work is your entire being, what else is there? Through a series of phone calls we hear that he has an ill daughter.

Glengarry glen ross shelly levine

His heart belongs to the sale. It was so fucking great. It was like they wilted all at once. In a world of lies and deceit, this is the closest these men can get to intimacy — the signing of a piece of paper has a purity and a joy that even the act of love lacks.

And for once he feels like a man. But unfortunately, later, those balls are cut off and he comes back begging for his money. But he only does it because his wife has told him to get his cheque back.

And at the end he goes to the remarkable length of apologising to Ricky. This is how deep the seduction has gone. The broken sale is a betrayal of sacred the link between men.

But even the sacred bond between men is shown to be completely phoney. To see your colleagues or your friends fail miserably. Some of the best exchanges in the film occur between Levine and Williamson Kevin Spacey.This noteworthy revival features Al Pacino, who starred as Ricky Roma in the Glengarry Glen Ross film adaptation, in the supporting role of Shelly Levine; Emmy winner Bobby Cannavale bringing his.

Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet. Home / Literature / Glengarry Glen Ross / Characters / Shelly Levene / Shelly Levene Timeline and Summary. BACK; NEXT ; No better place to beg for help than over some Chinese food.

Levene eats with Williamson, and tries to convince the ice cold office manager to give him the premium leads. The two talk. Glengarry Glen Ross.

Glengarry glen ross shelly levine

by David Mamet Richard Dreyfuss Audiobook. Listen to a sample Listen to a sample Description; Creators Richard Dreyfuss as Shelly Levine, John Getz as James Lingk, Richard Schiff as George Aaronow, Josh Stamberg as John Williamson.

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