Girl meets world shawn returns

Girl Meets World Series Finale: What more could you ask of a series finale than a homecoming?

Girl meets world shawn returns

By Leanne Aguilera 3: Prepare to swoon kids of the '90s, because even when Angela and Shawn are standing across the room from each other, their chemistry is undeniable. But wait, there's more — we also have fans' first look at the Hunter family back together again!

Nearly 15 years have passed since fans have seen Angela and Shawn together.

Girl meets world shawn returns

Who else is feeling incredibly old? And even though we'll have to wait a while before the upcoming reunion finally airs, executive producer Michael Jacobs promises that questions of their relationship will be answered in GMW's first season.

In fact, Riley Rowan Blanchard was the mastermind who paired the two together, and she's currently keeping her fingers crossed that Shawn will become Maya's new dad.

No wonder she looks so upset at Angela's return!

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Based on our sneak peek photo above, we're guessing that Shawn will be looking to his Dad for some relationship advice when Angela finally comes back into his life. Disney Channel BMW fans will remember that even though Chet passed away, he still appeared many times in the hit series as a figment of Shawn's imagination or his life-guiding subconscious, and we're told that Clark will appear in the same capacity in Girl Meets World.

So what's going to happen when Angela and Katy Texiera finally come face to face?

Girl meets world shawn returns

Only time will tell, but from the looks of this Twitter photo that McGee shared from the Girl Meets World set, it appears that both of Shawn's ladies are getting along great. Girl Meets World airs Fridays at 8:Even though Rowan Blanchard wasn't on 'Boy Meets World' -- er, wasn't alive for it -- her favorite episode is still 'And Then There was Shawn,' but you may know it as 'The One with Jennifer Love › News › World News.

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· 'Girl Meets World,' Spinoff of 'Boy Meets World,' Is Officially Ending News EXCLUSIVE: Mr. Feeny Is Officiating Shawn Hunter's Wedding on 'Girl Meets World' and We're Freaking Out From  · This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.

If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified · Riley and Maya are headed upstate in the newest episode of “Girl Meets World,” and they’ll meet a familiar face along the way.

Rider Strong makes his first appearance as Shawn Hunter on Cory and Shawn fear they're turning into Mr.

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Feeny in this exclusive clip from July 8's 'Girl Meets World.'. · It's time to reunite with one of our original TV crushes! Boy Meets World's former bad boy, Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong), is making a special return to Disney Channel's hit series, Girl Meet World initiativeblog.comm/article/entertainment/entertainment-tonight/.

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