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Is it based on repetition? When I was a high-school student, I had a teacher who would give us a lecture and then have us repeat the most important things, one by one. I still remember the facts he taught us. I thought that was the most effective way of teaching, and I tried it with my first class.

Facebook writing activity

Tweet 42 Shares In preparation for springtime, I want to share a wonderful Planting Seeds Spring Writing Activity where children are inspired to write for fun! Fresh new smells, sights to see and warmer weather to experience.

We enjoy planting seeds for flowers, fruits and vegetables and watching them grow!

facebook writing activity

Any chance to tie in these real life experiences with writing is a win, win for sure and this writing activity will do just that! You might consider using this Planting Seeds Spring Writing Activity as a piece to your spring theme unit. I encourage you to make a garden outside of the classroom if possible or plant individual pots in the classroom.

This writing activity can be a wonderful writing piece to your springtime planting unit.

Classroom Freebies Too: Facebook Character Writing Activity

Planting Seeds Spring Writing Activity Gather sentence strips and packets of fruit and vegetable seeds. Save the seeds for planting at a later date. One of my favorite ways to encourage writing is to give children the chance to write with a variety of writing tools. Whiteboardsdry erase markers and laminated sentence strips are just the tools to get kids excited about writing!

You can make this a small group or center activity. To get more miles out of this writing activity, you could also give children the option to use regular, non-laminated sentence strips and smelly markers to write their sentences on.

I am sure yours will enjoy it too!Your activity log is a list of your posts and activity, from today back to the very beginning. You’ll also see stories and photos you’ve been tagged in, as well as the connections you’ve made – like when you liked a Page or added someone as a friend.

Facebook Character Writing Activity Students love this book character Facebook writing activity!

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It is a great activity to help with point of view and thinking more deeply about individual character traits and how characters relate in a novel. This simple writing activity allows your writers to read a story where the author’s use of sensory language helps bring the story to life.

Fish Wish I love this story from Bob Barner (and so many of his other books, as well). November 13, Helping People Find and Develop their Careers We’re launching Learn with Facebook, a career development site that provides an introduction to both the hard and soft skills people need to advance in today’s digital workforce.

Facebook is the best advertising around, allowing peers to share and recommend your writing with minimum input from you. These days not having a Facebook page is like denying fans who want to sing your praises the convenience of an online clubhouse.

facebook writing activity

All About Me Writing Activity. All About My Selfie Writing Craftivity Activity and Craft! Perfect for back to school writing. Use this fun writing activity to help your students share about themselves at the beginning of the year or anytime. Have students create their writings and display the finished product in the hall or use a guess who 4/5().

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