Celta lesson plan offers funtional language

Teaching functional language A newly-qualified CELTA teacher has asked me for advice about how to deal with functional language. So… this is one of my approaches to teaching functional language!

Celta lesson plan offers funtional language

What is a lesson plan? This is what I will be referring to in this post. See the example below, kindly included here with permission of Action English Language Training in Leeds.

Celta lesson plan offers funtional language

An analysis of any language —grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation features- that may be included in the lesson. Why do I need to write one? Actually, the lesson plans are an important part of your assessment and you will need to file them in a portfolio together with feedback from your tutors.

There are plenty of occasions when you might need to write plans for other people as well as the plans for your own records.

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A few of those times might be: What makes a useful plan? Before you read any of my recommendations or my list below, maybe ask yourself this question and make a quick list of your ideas. There is some very useful writing on lesson plans.

Scrivener Edition Chapter 6. Below are the things I look out for and what I think makes a useful plan. Sometimes I ask trainees to use different coloured highlighters to highlight each lesson aim and then the activities and stages in the plan that are linked to these aims with the same colour.

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Are the students on the plan? This sounds strange, but often teachers and trainees write a plan purely from their own view point. There is nothing here about HOW the students will do Ex. Will they speak or write? Will they work alone, with a partner or a group? Can they check together before feedback?

How will feedback be conducted?

Among the four language systems – Lexis, Grammar, Pronunciation, and Discourse, Discourse is often the one that is most neglected on the CELTA. Some tutors might do an input session on functional language a la the functional syllabuses on the s, but that is inevitably presented as formulaic lexis and nothing more. This initial document was followed by his work Notional Syllabuses, which showed how language could be categorized on the basis of notions such as quantity, location and time, and functions such as making requests, making offers and apologizing. Length of lesson level: Elementary Adult TP# 7 Class profile: Elementary Adults: 10 Native Thai Speakers Materials OHP, Worksheets, CD player, CD Main Aim: Functional language presentation: asking for things in a department store. Secondary aim: Recognition and use of language related to shopping, leading to freer practice.5/5(2).

Make it easy to follow and make it useful. Remember that a plan needs to be useful to you as you teach! It also needs to be clear enough for observers to follow and perhaps for another teacher to use if you were ill or unable to teach the lesson. Try not to describe in paragraphs on the plan.

First I will put the students into pairs with the person sitting next to them and give students the handout and ask them to complete Ex. Then I will monitor to offer help and encouragement as they work.

I am going to stand at the front of the class and make sure I observed everyone and help people if they need me. Instead maybe use bullet points that will be easier to read.

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Circulate handouts for Ex. SS work in pairs to agree, complete gaps in text and check answers. Teacher monitor to check and support. Interaction patterns pairs, whole class mingle, etc Make sure you have clear stages on the plan.% Money Back Guarantee Download is directly available Better prepared for your exams.

ESL Making Requests and Offers Activity - Reading, Listening and Speaking - Pre-intermediate - 30 minutes In this compliant role-play activity, students practice making and responding to requests and offers.

CELTA · CELTA LESSON PLAN · functional language · cover sheet · lesson plan · elementary level · language aims · learning aims Uploaded on 18 February CELTA · CELTA LESSON PLAN · functional language · cover sheet · lesson plan · elementary level · language aims · learning aims Uploaded on 18 February Jan 14,  · In my experience of training language teachers, mostly on CELTA courses, I have noticed that good preparation goes a long way.

Analysing language for teaching purposes is a huge part of that preparation.. Candidates following teacher training courses find language analysis demanding and tiresome though we believe it is essential to bear in mind that it is a crucial part of lesson planning for.

Celta lesson plan offers funtional language

With summaries written by fellow students, you are guaranteed to be properly prepared for your exams. Over , specific summaries are at your disposal.

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