Bww amway business plan pdf

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Bww amway business plan pdf

The growth of both the business are high because of the core values and system that is commonly used by all the distributors in BWW system.

Using the same Amway 9 core steps, Amway 4 basics and 3 powers of proven Britt system the process of growth and building human network is faster.

bww amway business plan pdf

Lets looks at all this core steps in depth. BWW system has nine core steps, 3 powers and 4 basic business rules to be followed. This has been made by Mr. Bill Britt, founder of the Britt system after lots of self and till day business experience and are the steps which can be used in almost all the business strategies.

Books Read Bww recommended books daily for at least half and hour Amazing knowledge is gained by one reading the books written by people already successful in the field of Network Marketing and MLM business. Books created and changes peoples attitude and thoughts towards life, it motivates and gives a depth knowledge about what you reading.

As this is a business of duplication one can imitate exactly what a leader have done and ignore some mistakes. This way learning process improves.

Britt India has lots of Weekly and Monthly meetings in almost all the states of India, The weekly meetings is known as Open Meeting, BWW functions are once in 2 months called Seminars where Leaders at Emerald and Diamond levels teachings and talks about the success stories in Amway business.

Its a celebration day for new diamonds in Bww system and a learning and motivating day for distributors. STP Show the Plan where new and old business leaders are recommended to Show the Amway business plans at least 5 day in a week.

One can show the business plan more also but the system recommends minimum 5 plans to get the proper success rate in business. Use the Products Before recommending some products to someone it is recommended by Britt system to consume the products by distributors themselves as this brings faith in the products and also increase the PV and business sales volume.

Generate Sales Best business is one with best sales volume and so every IBO is been recommended to do a personal PV of to per month via selling and recommending it to friends and relatives who already are using and wants to. This way the individual sales volume in the network grows and everyone gets benefited of the commission till the top, including the person who sales.

Be Teachable Whoever you are, From whatever job, business or profession you can to the Network Marketing business, the rules of doing MLM business is different and every one needs to learn the same steps again and again to successfully copycat marketing business and be with the leaders.

If you are not teachable you cannot survive in any business you started. Every day some new things has to be learned to grow. And as MLM business is of copycatting one has to follow the simple rules of duplication being in the business.

There are very good changes that people mess up with other people money, they can forget to give back the lending money etc. Also a very important Accountable factor is Time, Respect others time for you to get the same.

Your upline is there to help, but finally its your own business so never take advantages of same. Just ask yourself one thing: Can you do the same in any other business or shop you want to purchase the goods you want? Communication This is the new step introduces in BWW system in last 2 to 3 years, Before this there were only 8 core steps in business.

Communication gap works as a BUG in any business which reduces the business output.4 BWW University Getting Started Business Model An explanation of the Business Expansion Model is an important part of showing the plan.

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Your Future, Your Choice 5 The Amway Sales and Marketing Plan The following is an example for illustrative purposes only. Not every IBO will have the numbers of .

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