Business reporter employee engagement 2012 electoral votes

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Business reporter employee engagement 2012 electoral votes

Ensuring Fair Elections in Haiti: Legislative elections that were constitutionally required in and have been stalled, and as a result, the terms of most members of Parliament expired on January 12, Consequently, ninety-nine 99 members of the House of Deputies and ten 10 members of the Senate were forced to vacate their seats — leaving just ten 10 members of Parliament remaining.

business reporter employee engagement 2012 electoral votes

These remaining ten are unable to obtain the quorum necessary to enact laws. With Parliament unable to act, President Martelly now has no parliamentary oversight, and has claimed the power to issue executive orders in order to resolve the current electoral crisis, among other issues of national concern.

This briefing paper explains the electoral crisis and analyzes the constitutional and legal issues at stake as the country prepares for the overdue elections. The current electoral crisis includes: The expiration of all House of Deputies seats and one third of Senate seats on January 12, The vacancy of another one third of the Senate since Januarywhen their terms expired without elections for the seats.

From that point until January 12,with ten vacant seats, the Senate did not have a quorum to conduct business unless fifteen of the remaining twenty members participated. Six Senators were able to prevent a vote by refusing to participate.

The terms of all mayors also expired in The Constitution requires Presidential elections to held by the end of The Consultative Commission, assembled in November by President Martelly amidst national and international pressure, made a number of constructive recommendations to move past political and legal roadblocks and hold elections in But the political crisis was not created overnight, nor can it be resolved overnight.

Fair elections will require an impartial, independent and constitutional CEP to facilitate the free participation of all political parties. The process must also install trust among political actors, but also the electorate.

The mistrust has been aggravated by measures taken by the international community that have convinced Haitians across the political spectrum that the international community, including the United Nations, the United States and the Organization of American States, have taken sides in this election, in favor of President Martelly rather than in favor of fair elections.

The failure to hold timely legislative elections, and the ensuing difficulties in reaching a quorum in the Senate, has effectively allowed President Martelly to rule without legislative oversight for most of his term. For example, in Novemberthe Senate held a vote of no confidence on the Prime Minister and two other ministers.

In addition to organizing and overseeing elections, including determining the results, the council drafts the electoral law that dictates the terms of elections, which is submitted to Parliament for final approval.

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After the first election, a Permanent Electoral Council would be established for future elections according to Article of the Constitution. In practice, a Permanent Electoral Council has never been properly constituted; a Provisional Electoral Council has run every Haitian election since Controversial Electoral Council Appointments Haitian parliamentarians, political opposition and human rights groups claim that President Martelly has delayed elections since he came into office in May by establishing electoral councils that did not comply with the law and that provided the Executive branch with unfair influence in the election process.

Political stalemates resulted when critics resisted these unlawful and unfair initiatives. Permanent Electoral Council in President Martelly attempted to appoint a Permanent Electoral Council inbut many of the appointments were controversial.

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The President of the Council, a close Presidential ally and former Minister of Justice, was forced to resign following a rape accusation by an electoral council employee. Many Senators opposed appointing candidates from the legislative branch to the nine-year Permanent Council terms.

They felt that a Senate missing one-third of its members lacked the legitimacy to make such a long-term appointment to a critical position. They proposed naming one more Provisional Council to run elections to complete the Senate, after which a Permanent Council could be established to run the elections scheduled for President Martelly attempted to convene the Permanent Electoral Council with only 6 of the 9 seats filled, but the council lacked legality and credibility, and was never operational.

Similar to the appointment of members to the Permanent Electoral Council inhowever, the Executive branch largely controlled the CTCEP appointment process for the Executive and Judicial appointments, and influenced the Legislative appointments. The Senate found it difficult to meet quorum with one-third of its seats vacant.

The President submitted the law to parliament in Septemberand after growing tensions and accusations of intentional delays on both sides, both chambers passed the electoral law at the end of Many parliamentarians, including six of the twenty sitting senators known as the G6 opposed the Accord on constitutional grounds, [12] because the proposed CEP a would in essence be the former CTCEP composed under the permanent council procedures, although each government branch was permitted to replace one of their appointed members; and b would be authorized to bypass the legislature and pass electoral law amendments.

As a result of these objections, the Senate never voted on the El Rancho Accord. The G6 refused to participate in a vote on the proposed electoral law, as it had been prepared by the President rather than the CEP, as required by the Constitution.

There was no vote on the electoral law and elections did not take place on October 26, Amidst growing political protests and public calls for the government to step down, President Martelly appointed an eleven-member Consultative Commission on November 28,to propose a solution to the political crisis.


President Martelly announced that he accepts the recommendations of the Consultative Commission. At the time of this publication, implementation of several of the recommendations has begun, including the resignation of the El Rancho CEP, the release of an estimated 20 political prisoners, and the resignation of the Prime Minister.

These recommendations and the status of implementation are discussed more fully below.Bachmann was a candidate for the Republican nomination in the U.S. presidential election, winning the Ames Straw Poll in August but dropping out in January .

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business reporter employee engagement 2012 electoral votes

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