An assignment report an interview with an entrepreneur

The Assignment The activities in this assignment are focused on you arranging and carrying out an interview of an entrepreneur from your community.

An assignment report an interview with an entrepreneur

While startup activity was in decline several years ago, according to the Kauffman Indexthe downward trend reversed last year, as more entrepreneurs launched their own businesses in what is the largest year-over-year increase in the past 20 years.

IEEE members are no exception to this trend. It is widely believed that this trend will continue to increase, as more and more new college graduates are opting to start their own companies instead of joining one. SinceIEEE has exponentially amped up the services it provides to its members in respect to entrepreneurship and related hot topics.

By launching a number of new initiatives designed to facilitate discussions regarding entrepreneurship, technology marketization, manufacturing, investment and beyond, IEEE has positioned itself as a valuable asset to those who seek to start their own companies, share their ideas, and invest capital in both.

Can you please describe your education and career thus far?

Report Format for the Interview Assignment

Why did you pursue engineering? Pursuing engineering was part of my journey of self-understanding. I was born and raised in Tanzania, East Africa. Our house was a mud brick house without electricity, and we cooked on a wood stove.

I still remember going to the big city, Nairobi, and turning the light switch on and off in our hotel room, enthralled with the magic of electricity.

Although I grew up speaking both Swahili and English, I went to an English speaking boarding school at the age of 5. I came to the US at the age 13, and my high school grades in math and science were pathetic, so in college I was a Philosophy major — because I really loved logic.

What do you think? How can the IEEE continue to stay relevant to entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and other technology creatives?

Interviewing an Entrepreneur Assignment by Nicholas Nathaniel on Prezi

Around that time, in the s, two things happened. I also came across a puzzle in a magazine which I completed, sent in and was subsequently asked to complete a battery of intelligence tests.

The results showed that, contrary to my high school grades, I was quite bright; go figure!

An assignment report an interview with an entrepreneur

So I decided that my earlier disasters in math and science must have been about a rough transition to the US, instead of aptitude. To test that theory, I decided to go back to college and major in a curriculum full of math and science that would also teach me about computers — that was Electrical Engineering.

It required building all the transducers, designing the circuitry, proto-boarding it, creating the printed circuit board, and coding all the software. It was exactly what I wanted and needed. I graduated with a 4.

How did you become involved with the IEEE, how and why did your involvement evolve, and in what capacity are you involved with the organization now? Like most students in school, I worried about getting a job after graduation so I joined IEEE as a student, and put it on my resume to increase my employment odds.

Entrepreneurship is a 7 X 24 X commitment! He got me reengaged with IEEE after a year hiatus, this time as an entrepreneur. How can the concepts learned throughout your education and career be applied to your participation in the IEEE?

Be bold, be honest, take risks, follow your heart, trust your instincts, work hard, and volunteer to give back. Similarly, how did your background in theatre shape your current work? Can you draw any parallels?

Many people think that the theatre and engineering are polar opposites, but I disagree. Both require creativity, team collaboration, and accepting failure as an outcome. Creating an engineering start-up is a lot like creating a theatre production.Assignment Writing Service; Coursework Writing Service; Interview With an Entrepreneur.

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: He possesses the qualities and the capability of a successful business entrepreneur. I believe that this interview will help us to understand the path that the entrepreneur chooses to travel. A report will be written in an interview format – questions and answers.

The report should be at least 2 to 3 pages. Two Page Paper format – 2 pages (not including title and reference page); title page, double-spaced, 12 pt font, page numbers, in-text referencing using APA style, and separate reference page.

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Entrepreneur To Interview on papers research and essays sample quality of database largest - Essays. Ashwin: I started with the help and support of an entrepreneur who had seen the risks to come out clean, Hariom Sharma.

And today we have a 12 member dedicated team. And . Published: Mon, 5 Dec It might be easier to think about the new ideas and might also be easier to develop a business based on the ideas. But it is not easy to take action day in day out continuously when the results were not going in your way.

Today I got the chance to interview a great guy and a personal friend of mine, Ryan Deiss! Ryan makes 7 figures a year from the Internet and in this interview he gives us a brief insight into his business.

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