A look at the current morals and social issues

This paper presents over 30 significant ethical issues that remain unresolved and invite more discussion by the general public. The list below is meant to be evocative rather than comprehensive. To assume that a grand unified philosophical theory can address all these issues adequately may be a form of reductionistic thinking.

A look at the current morals and social issues

Finger scans in middle school? Doesn't it seem like government infringement? My best friend is a lesbian and has a crush on me.

One time she even tried kissing me, which crossed a big line with me. What should I do? I want to be there for her as a friend, but nothing more. I think you need to question the value of this friendship.

Back To Top About five years ago, I came out to the rest of the world as a lesbian. I am in a committed relationship with another woman. I don't understand why you say that homosexuality is wrong.

Isn't my happiness the most important thing? Isn't that what God wants? I think that is what matters, not telling people what is right and wrong.

I didn't write the Bible. The Bible was written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit by wonderful men like the Apostle Paul, like Moses, people like that, very highly respected people, and right down the line, they said that homosexuality is an abomination to God.

The Apostle Paul said that nobody who is a homosexual is going to get into heaven. That doesn't mean you have a tendency.

It didn't say nobody with homosexual tendencies is going to miss getting into heaven.

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People who are practicing homosexuals or lesbians, this is an unnatural relationship. There is no way in a "committed lesbian relationship" that you are going to conceive a baby. If two lesbians conceive a baby without the help of something else, I will admit on this program that I am wrong.

But they haven't done it so far; nor have two homosexuals.Thus, we are charged with a goodly number of "hot potatoes," sticky and pressing ethical problems, social issues, that are more often than not avoided, at least as topics of ongoing rational social discussion.

Bring It On: Current Issues. Moral Issues. Social Issues. But, on the other hand, if you look at yourself in the mirror, and you say, “Well, look, I’m kind of sloppy looking, and I don’t like my chin or my nose, or I’ve got some deformities, or what have you, blotches,” and if you think that will do it to you.

Aug 13,  · The issue of how ethical principles may be applied to online health research is a current challenge for researchers, but also for health professionals and patients alike.

Ethical issues of social-media usage in healthcare. ethical, professional, and social .

A look at the current morals and social issues

A Look At The Most Serious Social Issues Facing Today’s Youth. the social issues facing today’s youth can have significant effects on how these young people will eventually turn out as they reach adulthood.

In this post we will look at some of the most serious social problems facing the youth of today, and consider some solutions to. See where voters on polling on the most popular Social issues of Sep 30,  · The ethical and moral issues that many businesses face today, have many of the same issues.

What is or is not acceptable from one person to the next varies. Depending on ones own belief system.

The Most Popular Social Issues of